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  Men Don’t Like to admit it

Odds are that if you walk up to a man that is working on something and ask, “Hey, do you need any help?” . . . what is the most likely answer?  “No!  I’ve got it.”  There is something hardwired in the DNA of men that we need others to see us as capable, which often causes us to get overloaded and burned out.  BUT, if you think that men don’t like to admit that we could use some help, we definitely don’t want to ask for it.


When it comes to reaching men; intentionally engaging, equipping, and empowering men to become the men that God has called them to be, it’s not a one-man-show.  There are a lot of things that need to be done and resources necessary to make it happen.

WILL YOU CONSIDER HELPING US REACH MEN.  You can help in one of several ways.

Every ministry requires resources to operate effectively. From office supplies to printing costs; from website hosting to travel expenses; there are plenty of things that are needed to make this ministry a fully-funded ministry to men.  Our goal is to be fully supported missionaries to men and rely on the generous financial support of our ministry partners that graciously underwrite this ministry and allow us to focus primarily on what God has called us to to.  Engage and Impact Men for the Glory of God.


SupportPrayerReaching Men is a Spiritually Intense activity.  There is no other spiritual battleground that rages more fierce than the battle over the hearts and minds of men.  We have an enemy that knows the critical importance of a man in his family, his marriage, and in the community and will do anything necessary to keep men from becoming the men that God wants them to be.  Pray for us that we will be faithfully pursue God’s desire to see men more engaged and involved in the church and their families.


God’s Word tells us that we all have been given spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up the church.  As a minister of the Gospel, I fully understand that there are plenty of people that have gifts, skills, and abilities that are far greater than my own.  We need your help to volunteer your time and spiritual gifts to help fill the gaps in our ministry.  If you are creative or a good writer; maybe you are great with numbers or just like to help; then we would be grateful for your support.


If you are involved in a church and would like us to come and work with you to establish a plan for reaching your men, please let us know.  We would love the opportunity to meet with your ministry team.  Since ministry to men is unique to the culture and personality of the individual church, our goal would be to first LISTEN to the pastors and leaders to help identify your goals for men’s ministry and then work alongside in a consultative role to work through the implementation of a long-term strategy for intentionally engaging and impacting your men.

THANK YOU for the OPPORTUNITY to SUPPORT you and your church.